Mr. Steam 104523MX MX Generator Rough-In Package

mr. steam 104522MS Rough-in MS & Super for iTempo, iTempoPlus and iSteam controls

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The package has everything you need for the rough in stage of a steam shower system installation a MAX Generator, and features an AutoFlush®, a Condensation Pan®, and a 30-foot control cable.

  • Complete rough in kit For use with all MrSteam MAX Generators
  • MAX AutoFlush introduces fresh water before each steam bath and drains the MAX Series Generator tank following use
  • Max Condensation Pan installs beneath the MAX Steam Generator, connects to an approved drain line to collect, and direct a potential water accumulation or leak
  • 30-Foot Control Cable for iSteam3, iTempoPlus and iTempo Steam Shower Controls
  • MX Rough-In Kit for AirTempo includes: (1) Autoflush® (1) Condensation Pan (1) 30-Foot Control Cable