Mr. Steam 104495 27" Linear Steamhead

mr. steam 104402 Max Condensation Pan For MAX Residential Generators In Stainless Steel

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Award winning, whisper quiet 27 ½ inch Linear SteamHead® matches any design or style. Mounts flush to the wall, and creates a wide ribbon of smooth that brings a new level of performance and aesthetic pleasure to your steam shower. Now includes an aroma oil tray in polished chrome, and steam diverter.

  • A series of patented interior baffles delivers whisper quiet billowing steam
  • Slender, horizontal opening disperses steam evenly and smoothly
  • Aroma oil tray in neutral finish attaches to the steam head with or diverter is included
  • Stainless steel diveter can be used to reduce the steam emission if desired is included
  • Anodized hard coat aluminum construction and finish
  • Installs flush to the wall and nearly disappears in the grout line
  • No assembly of moving parts required