KOHLER K-682-K DTV Six-port thermostatic valve

KOHLER 682-K DTV Six-port thermostatic valve

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For custom showering applications, this valve elevates your showering experience through the power of technology, giving you more options for cleansing and relaxation than ever. Digital thermostatic technology provides accurate, precise, and consistent temperature control. This precision-engineered, best-in-class digital thermostatic valve is used with DTV+, and its easy plug-and-go design makes installation simple. With six independently controllable outlet ports, this valve is ideal for any custom showering application. Additionally, with a DTV+ system, this valve can also be used in combination with a second digital valve to provide either additional outlets or to deliver two different water temperatures at the same time. (For DTV+ systems, K-97172 DTV+ data cable is required.)

  • Digitally controlled thermostatic mixing valve.
  • For use with DTV+ system.
  • Anti-scald protection.
  • Six independently controllable 1/2" NPT outlets.
  • 3/4" NPT inlets.
  • Maximum flow rate of 21 gpm (10 gpm maximum flow from one outlet).
  • Includes filter screens.
  • Crossflow prevention.
  • High-temperature limit setting for additional protection.
  • Suitable for use in either showering and/or bathing applications.