KOHLER K-40TD00R10-RF Mach WAVE DC 1.6 gpf toilet flushometer retrofit

KOHLER 40TD00R10-RF Mach WAVE Touchless retrofit toilet flushometer, DC-powered, 1.6 gpf

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WAVE technology offers hygienic touchless operation on command. Activating only when a hand is waved directly over the flushometer, the sensor eliminates random flushing that can be frightening for children. And by removing false actuations, WAVE technology provides even greater water savings.

  • 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf).
  • Activation distance is factory-set.
  • Chloramine and chlorine resistance on all rubber components exposed to waterway.
  • Engineered for optimal performance with KOHLER commercial fixtures.
  • 125-micron filter protects internal components.
  • No external flush volume adjustment ensures water conservation.
  • 24-hour automatic sentinel flush keeps trapway fresh.
  • Mechanical override enables flushometer to be used manually even during a power outage.
  • Includes 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.
  • Less stop valve and tailpiece.