KOHLER K-10UH00D20-RF Mach Tripoint Hybrid energy powered 0.125 gpf urinal flushometer retrofit

KOHLER 10UH00D20-RF Mach Tripoint Touchless retrofit urinal flushometer, HES-powered, 0.125 gpf

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Operating with a sophisticated electronic sensor, Mach touchless flushometers with Tripoint technology feature highly accurate, dependable performance. These low water consumption flushometer valves, which offer attractive options for any commercial or institutional installation, comply with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Elevate your experience with KOHLER.

  • 0.125 gpf (0.47 lpf).
  • Activation distance is factory-set.
  • Chloramine and chlorine resistance on all rubber components exposed to waterway.
  • Engineered for optimal performance with KOHLER commercial fixtures.
  • 125-micron filter protects internal components.
  • No external flush volume adjustment ensures water conservation.
  • 24-hour automatic sentinel flush keeps trapway fresh.
  • Mechanical override enables flushometer to be used manually even during a power outage.
  • Powered by a 30 year/875,000 cycle hybrid energy cell.
  • Less stop valve and tailpiece.