Vitality 24" x 40" x 1-3/4" rectangle lighted mirror with perimeter light pattern, 2700 kelvin temperature (warm light), dimmable and defogger

robern YM2440RPFPD3 Vitality Lighted Mirror, 24" x 40" x 1-3/4", Rectangle, Perimeter Light Pattern, 2700K Temperature (Warm Light), Dimmable, Defogger

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Whether you're primping, prepping, styling, or shaving, the perfect task lighting makes all the difference. The Vitality Lighted Mirror Collection combines optimal brightness, accurate color, and remarkable clarity, so you can start your day in a better light.Lead Time: 2 weeks

  • A full assortment of shapes and sizes that fit seamlessly into your design.
  • Two kelvin ratings to create warm mood lighting or cool, energizing task lighting.
  • Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task.
  • Defogging technology ensures a clear reflection.