PL Series 23-1/4" x 39-3/8" x 4" flat top cabinet with polished edge, right hinge, black interior and electric

robern PLM2440BRE PL Series Cabinet, 23-1/4" x 39-3/8" x 4", Flat Top, Polished Edge, Right Hinge, Black Interior, Electric

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PL Series cabinets offer reliable performance and enduring visual appeal. The safeseal gasket ensures years of moisture and dust-free functionality, and interconnecting hardware and attached light fixtures allow precise assembly and perfect alignment for up to four cabinets and lights.Lead Time: 2 Weeks

  • Modular design facilitates ganging of multiple cabinets and lights together
  • Arched door tops provide an elegant design option
  • 3/4-inch beveled doors add charming detail to the room
  • Optional electric shelf keeps countertops clutter-free
  • Recessed or surface-mount installation