Profiles 5" x 30" x 4-5/8" framed lighting in matte black with 2700 kelvin temperature (warm light)

robern PL5.030TLSC83D3 Profiles Framed Lighting, 5" x 30" x 4-5/8", Matte Black, 2700K Temperature (Warm Light)

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Add a little drama to your styling space with statement pieces that won't sacrifice modern funtionality. With distinctive metal accents and customizable configurations, the Profiles Collection provides a complete modular solution that's as stunning as it is versatile.

Lead Time: 2 weeks

  • Choose from matte gold, matte black, polished nickel and chrome accents to create a fully coordinated ensemble
  • Two kelvin ratings to create warm mood lighting or cool, energizing task lighting.
  • Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task.
  • Modular lighting can be ganged with Profiles Cabinets and Mirrors