Mr. Steam CHROMA3DUOBK MS Chroma3 Duo in Black

mr. steam BTLRLXSWH Butler® Max Linear Steam Generator Control Kit / Package in Square White

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Step into your shower. Let the steam envelope you. Now extend a hand and effortlessly dial in just the mood you're seeking. Your elegant, vapor-sealed LED mood lighting responds with a flood of pure energy. ChromaSteam®3 Duo with two LED light clusters, is designed for large steam rooms. The built-in color microprocessor allows you to choose one color from the color selection wheel and set color intensity.

  • Select color and modes directly from the isteam®3 control
  • Can also be controlled from a dedicated wall switch
  • Includes two LED Clusters
  • LED Clusters can be installed 10 feet apart
  • Included low voltage power supply
  • Includes one LED Control Box
  • Works with all Mr.Steam® MAX and eSeries Generators
  • Available in white or black