Mr. Steam ABTLRLXWHPN AirButler® Max Linear White in Polished Nickel

mr. steam ABTLRLXWHPC AirButler® Max Linear Steam Generator Control Kit / Package in White Polished Chrome

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The completely wireless, 100% water proof AirTempo® Control is the centerpiece of this package that also includes our whisper-quiet, award-winning Linear SteamHead® . This sleek control mounts effortlessly just about anywhere you want it and is ideal for retrofits. Our MAX Packages make designing your large residential steam shower easy by providing everything you need, at a substantial discount.

  • Not tethered by cables. You can use the control up to 60 feet away from the generator
  • Transform your senses with optional Chromatic Lighting & Aromatic Infusers
  • Quickly responds to user's touch inputs and reverts to sleep mode automatically when left idle while maintaining the set temperature
  • Create profiles for custom settings for temperature, time and more
  • Mount to nearly any hard surface or flush to the wall using a Flush Mount Kit
  • No need to run wires, great solution for covering a hole left by an old steam shower control