KOHLER K-97170 DTV+ Conversion kit for DTV II interface

KOHLER 97170 DTV+ Conversion kit for DTV II interface

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Update your DTV showering system with touchscreen control. This kit is an easy way to upgrade an installed DTV II interface to the latest DTV+ touchscreen interface. By utilizing the existing interface wall sleeve, the new interface can be installed without making any expensive changes to the finished wall surface. The kit also includes a wiring connection adapter, eliminating the need to route new wiring or open walls.

  • Upgrade an existing installed DTV II primary interface (K-695) to a DTV+ interface (K-99693).
  • Kit includes cover plate and all required cables to convert the existing components to work with the new DTV+ system controller and interface, including a wiring connection adapter to utilize existing in-wall cables.
  • If the existing installation includes a Media Module (K-638), this component is not compatible with the DTV+ interface and must be removed from the system.
  • If the audio/music feature of the media module is currently being used, this must be replaced by installing the DTV+ amplifier module (K-99696). The audio/music functionality is different from the media module. Refer to the amplifier product details for more information.
  • If external lighting is controlled via the media module, this must be rewired to a wall switch. Refer to the installation instructions for more information.
  • If installed, the auxiliary interface (K-686) must also be upgraded at the same time using the K-97171 conversion kit.
  • Note that DTV II landscape primary interfaces (K-694) cannot be upgraded to the new DTV+ interface.
  • The conversion kit cover plate attaches to the existing DTV I/II interface wall sleeve. The new DTV+ interface clips into the cover plate (DTV+ mounting bracket is not required).
  • Premium material construction for durability and reliability.