KOHLER 6667-NA Vault Strive Wood Cutting Board

KOHLER K-6667-NA Vault Strive Wood cutting board

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Crafted from premium hardwood, this cutting board is custom-designed for Strive kitchen sinks and select Vault kitchen sinks. The large size turns your sink into a convenient food prep station and also helps to hide dirty dishes. A cutout lets you position the board over the sink basin or partially over the counter.

  • Fits over the K-3820, K-3822, K-3823, K-3838, K-3839, K-3894, K-3935, K-3942, K-3943, K-3944, K-3945, and K-3996 Vault kitchen sinks.
  • Fits over the K-5281, K-5282, K-5285, and K-5286 Strive kitchen sinks.
  • Durable hardwood construction.
  • Large size provides a convenient food prep station.
  • Countertop stop allows you to position the board over the basin or partially over the counter.