KOHLER 6429-ST Utility Rack in Stainless Steel

KOHLER K-6429 Utility rack in Stainless Steel

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Make your kitchen sink more efficient without giving up valuable basin space. Designed for use with select Vault sinks, this utility shelf is easily positioned directly over the sink, where it holds scrubbers and sponges and includes a bar for hanging dishcloths.

  • Fits K-3820, K-3821, K-3823, K-3838, K-3839, K-3935, K-3942, and K-3944 Vault kitchen sinks.
  • Comes included with the K-5285-NA, K-5283-NA, and 5409-NA Strive kitchen sinks.
  • Acts as a drying rack for sponges and scrubbers.
  • Improves airflow to dishcloths to shorten drying time.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.