KOHLER 23680-NA Prolific Large Bamboo Cutting Board

KOHLER K-23680-NA Prolific large bamboo cutting board

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Create an extension of your countertop with this large cutting board, which is designed to sit securely on the basin ledges of the Prolific kitchen sink. The bamboo board provides an easy-to-clean work surface for prepping food directly over the sink.

  • Included with the K-23650-NA and K-23652-NA Prolific kitchen sinks.
  • Fits securely on K-23650-NA (covers the entire sink) or K-23652-NA (covers half the sink).
  • May also be used with the K-23651-NA and K-5540-NA Prolific kitchen sinks.
  • Countertop-height to make it a truly comfortable work surface for easy food prepping.
  • Durable bamboo construction.